Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hello dearies!
This time , my update will be on the photos of the recent photoshoot I had! Totally loved this shoot as it was really fun and exciting. I TOTALLY ENJOYED MYSELF. Though it was tough to complete a polka dot set eye makeup, the model pulled it off really nicely. Also, many thanks to the hairstylist and the photographer who was behind this photoshoot too. Without them, it would have been impossible to have it as a successful one. I had  to direct my hairstylist for a cute hairstyle to match the POLKA DOT theme. She created a Half Hair Ribbon bow  hairstyle as per my request. It looked really lovely on the model.

Here are the photos;

Model: Mansha
Makeup/Accessories/Art Direction: Syncwit Vani
Hairstyle: Rajes
Photography: Kannan Raja

Click here to find out more about these kind of fun photoshoots : SYNCWIT VANI

Stay tuned for more updates on my other photoshoots !

With much love,


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    1. Hello cheryl! Thanks alot for ur compliments and comments! I would definitely check that website out. Thank you for following my blog. Was pretty busy and caught up with work. Do stay tuned for more updates on my blog thats coming up! <3